Friday, March 13, 2015

The Fault Lies At My Door

It’s midnight and I’m still thinking of somebody who I shouldn't thinking of. Let me introduce myself first, my name is Belle and now I study literature in the greatest university in Southern England. I live with my grandma and my grandpa in Bristol that’s why I choose that university. My mother and my father live in the USA which means we live far away because I don’t want to move from my lovely hometown and also my boyfriend doesn’t want me to move to the USA. I really really really love my university because my friends from high school are mostly studying in my university. Although my parents and I live so far away, they always come to Bristol to see their lovely daughter and their parents.

                Oh yeah for whoever asks me what am I thinking, I would like to share it to you. Right here right now. I met somebody in my university. I didn’t think that we would be this close. I mean like really close. We text everynight while I’m texting my boyfriend, we had a dinner together and also he’s ever brought me to his home and met his mum. Firstly I thought this was stupid but by the time I talk to him I feel more and more comfortable to do this. I mean I’m not cheating on my boyfriend but I just feel that I could get everything from him that my boyfriend doesn’t even give me.

                His name is Will, William Anthony Brooks. He is half British and Russian but he’s been living in Bristol since he was in elementary school. Yeah that’s what he said to me. Our meeting was really funny. Will and I met in a café.

“ I think I’ve met you before” he said

“umm yeah maybe. Are we in the same university? I think”

“yup and we’re in the same class too actually”

“oh yeah will oh my goodness, what are you doing here?”

“ugh finally you remember me, I’m working here as a waiter”

“ohh that’s cool. So you’re coming to my table to take my order?”

“umm yeah actually no. I saw you entered the door and my boss asked me to take your order so I’m coming here and take your order. What do you want to eat ma’am?”

“what is the most popular dish in this restaurant?”

“pastas and pizzas”

“grrr I know, this is Italian restaurant tho”

“hahaha I recommend spaghetti aglio olio or pepperoni pizza”

“they are just like a usual dish in Italian restaurant aren’t they?”

“yup but with different taste. It’s better than any other Italian restaurants”

“okay thanks for your recommendation, I’m going to order pepperoni pizza with an extra ketchup and orange juice please”

“okay ma’am is there anything else?”

“nope thank you”

“okay if you wanna something else then just call me, my name is william and your order will be served in 10 minutes”

”ok thank you William”

                After I finished my dishes then I asked for the bill. Will came back again to my table and gave me my bill. Anyway I paid my bill and I found a paper said “want you go out for dinner tonight? Please say yes”. I walked from the restaurant with a very big smile. I thought that was from will. Will I said yes but you didn’t tell me where should we met will. You are sucks on asking a girl out for dinner will hahaha

                He didn’t do it very well. We met in the classroom. He sat next to me. That was really not him. I always sit in the front of like in front of my lecturer’s face. I mean in the very first row but he always sits on the last row in my class. He sat next to me

“why didn’t you come last night? I was waiting for you for ages. I invited you didn’t I ?”

“I really wanted to go but unfortunately you didn’t tell me where would we meet so I didn’t go because I didn’t want to find something that wasn’t true. I mean where did I supposed to meet you wasn’t true”

“oh shhh, I forgot to tell you . I’m sorry belle with all my heart. Anyway would you like to go with me after this?”

“umm I can’t”


“I can’t today”

“how about tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, see you around”



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